Anytime, anywhere access to crop information

Growers and crop consultants need to access data at different times and locations, so University of Wisconsin-Extension Cooperative Extension Integrated Pest and Crop Management specialists developed three mobile apps to help them.

The N Price Calculator app allows growers to compare the price of various forms of nitrogen (N) fertilizer products in terms of their price per pound of nitrogen.

“The most used app by me is the ‘N Price Calculator’ app, which converts various fertilizer mixture prices to simple dollars per pound of nitrogen. I have found it very useful when comparing fertilizers; it is simple and I like it a lot,” says Joel Hartung, an agronomist and technology specialist at Hartung Brothers Inc.

Wisconsin’s Corn N Rate Calculator assists growers in selecting a nitrogen rate that improves profitability when nitrogen and corn prices fluctuate.

The IPM Toolkit App provides many of the great tools that growers have come to expect through UW-Extension’s Integrated Pest and Crop Management website. Being able to access the IPM Toolkit through mobile devices enables growers and crop consultants to stay up-to-date as items are posted on the Internet throughout the growing season.

Access to information requires different connections, with cellular data or Wi-Fi connections needed to access the news, video, and publications. No network connection is required to access the picture toolbar or to read publications that were saved in iBooks using the Toolkit app, thus giving growers access to important documents and reports for use in the field.

All three apps are free and available through the iTunes app store.

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