Fundraising for a service dog

The Green County 4-H Dog Project helped raise funds for a service dog for Katie Jacobson’s son Griffin.

Katie Jacobson is a Green County mom whose family has been transformed through the help of the Green County 4-H Dog Project. She tells the story in her own words.

“Recently, the Green County 4-H Dog Project leader contacted our family after hearing that we were raising funds in order to obtain an autism service dog for our son Griffin. They wanted to help us with fundraising and came to us with the idea of selling pet treats.

“Not only did they sell a lot of dog, cat and horse treats, they went above and beyond and secured a matching grant from National 4-H, which maximized their donation. This very generous donation from the Dog Project was one of the largest gifts that we received. The group of kids and adults were professional, energetic and easy to work with.

“Our son Griffin received his dog Gus in November 2011. Gus goes almost everywhere with Griffin and they are affectionately known as the G-Team. Gus helps Griffin navigate the crowded hallways and aisles at school and in stores; he also makes it easier for our family to take Griffin out in public because he provides a safety anchor for Griffin making it less likely that Griffin will run off. Gus has even helped Griffin improve his language and social skills because more kids seek out the G-Team and interact with them. We greatly appreciate the support we received from the Green County 4-H Dog Project.  You can keep up with the G-Team on Gus’s Facebook page at Gus: Autism Service Dog.”

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