Small business counselor and small bank believed in big ideas of O’so Brewing Co.

O'so Brewing Co. owners say SBDC business plan assistance helped them get financing.

Marc Buttera, founder of O’so Brewing Co. in Plover, calls his road to small business success an “amazing ride.” In just five years, Marc expanded his facility and his market and more than doubled production. To get his business idea off the ground, he says he was glad to have the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Small Business Development Center (SBDC) along for the ride. The center is part of the Wisconsin SBDC Network managed by UW-Extension.

“I took the business plan writing class. That business plan was crucial for us to get financing in this economy,” says Marc, who runs the business along with his wife Katina. “We had some denials, but we found a small local bank that believed in us, because we were able to show on paper where we were going.”

Where they were going was up – in production and staffing.

The company upgraded to a brew system that is three times larger, and, Marc says, “Our fermentation capacity has quadrupled.”

O’so Brewing Co. now employs 14 people, makes more than 20 unique brews and operates a tap house, where customers can taste the microbrews and even watch the production.

The business name, O’so Brewing Co., reflects Marc and Katina’s commitment to quality. “Quality is a huge focus for us,” Marc says. “Every time you get our product, it is oh so good!”

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